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Addiction Treatment Center San Fernado Valley

Addiction Treatment Center San Fernado Valley

If you're looking for the most superlative San Fernando drug and alcohol rehabilitation, then Golden Road Recovery is the preeminent addiction treatment center San Fernando Valley has to offer. You can't afford to wait any longer, visit us today and get the services you need to overcome substance abuse.

Different addiction treatment services available in our top-of-the-line rehab center

Our unsurpassed drug and alcohol rehab center in San Fernando Valley provides a wide range of addiction treatment services to help individuals beat substance abuse effectively. The following are among the many types of treatment services we offer:

  1. Inpatient treatment

This is one of the most efficient forms of care which facilitates the treatment of acute addiction cases and handling crises. We admit patients for a 28-day stay or more to provide them with comprehensive, around-the-clock supervision and other treatment procedures aimed at treating substance abuse.

  1. Residential treatment

Our residential treatment services provide individuals with long-term care in our safe, serene, and supportive environment. The specific duration of stay varies from person to person following their particular individual requirements for recovery. This program provides all the psychotherapies, medications as well as high-end amenities to make you feel at home as you continue with your recovery journey.

  1. Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

We've designed an intensive outpatient treatment program to treat individuals who don't require around-the-clock care. The schedules for IOP vary based on an individual's unique needs and also their availability. Typically, the sessions occur several days per week for about three to four hours a day. We also offer evening IOP for individuals who don't want to miss their job, class, or other essential activities.

  1. Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)

Our ideal drug addiction treatment rehab in San Fernando Valley offers PHP for people who don't need to participate in our inpatient or residential plans. This program provides you with intensive care services similar to those in our residential setting and allows you to get back home in the evening.

  1. Detoxification

Detoxification or detox refers to the physiological process in which we remove harmful substances from the patient's body. We provide detox services in a setting where the recovering individual receives 24-hour medical monitoring keeping a closer eye on an individual's safety and comfort during the process.

  1. Aftercare services

After completing your alcohol or drug addiction treatment program, it doesn't mean that our care will stop. We'll come up with a continuous care plan to follow up on your recovery progress, encouraging you to stay focused on your new and healthy life.

Get the most effective addiction treatment in San Fernando

Are you searching for the best addiction treatment specialist in San Fernando Valley? If yes, then you're in the right place and at the right time.

Golden Road Recovery is a professional and trustworthy addiction treatment center in San Fernando Valley, waiting to help you overcome substance abuse and live the life you deserve. Please feel free to reach us now to verify your insurance and get the help you need for yourself or a loved one.

Addiction Treatment Center San Fernado Valley
Addiction Treatment Center San Fernado Valley
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