Beverly Hills Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Beverly Hills Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Beverly Hills Bioidentical hormone Therapy: What You Need To Know About Bioidentical Hormones Therapy

Research has shown that women receiving bioidentical hormone therapy are misinformed by most online information about their health, and they are also likely not to follow prescription from the well-known organization. It could be very dangerous for such women because they will likely not pay attention to the risk factor behind it.

It is important to research about bioidentical hormones therapy carefully, know the risk factor behind it and also how helpful it is to human health before using the treatment. Beverly Hills bioidentical hormone therapy provides women with information on bioidentical hormones therapy.

What is BHT and What Does it Do?

Bioidentical hormones therapy (BHT) is a hormone similar to the hormone in the human body, a pharmacist chemically prepares them, and they help to solve some hormonal imbalance among the aged such as menopause issue. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone are some of the hormones that bioidentical hormones therapy tend to improve in the body.

Most women produce fewer hormones during a transition to menopause stage like estrogen. When a woman has deficient in some hormones, it could cause fatigue, vaginal dryness, sweat at night. Some signs show a person is in need of bioidentical hormones therapy; such signs include lack of sleep, stress caused emotionally and deficiency in the nutrient.

Bioidentical hormones therapy is designed to help women with such symptoms. Bioidentical hormones therapy can be made into gel, cream, injections, and tablet. They could assist in raising back the hormonal level to a functional state. Beverly Hills bioidentical hormone therapy also helps with hormonal issues.

There are some side effects of bioidentical hormones therapy which some women prefer the naturally made hormones because they feel they are safer and better to use. Natural products are the product made from plants, the mineral source, and animal.

Most of these BHT products are composed of a natural product such as herbs and plants. They are produced in the laboratory of pharmaceutical companies. These companies also give the prescription. FDA must test every bioidentical hormone therapy product. Once FDA approves a product, it must go through series of testing, and the quality must be right.

Some Side Effects of BHT

Using this therapy can likely cause some sides effects which include breast cancer, stroke, increase in the blood clot, skin changes, changes in vision and disease of the heart. Beverly Hills bioidentical hormone therapy also specializes in giving prescription concerning such side effects.

Bioidentical hormone therapy can also be called natural hormone therapy. They perform the same function as the hormone the body produced that’s why they are also called natural hormone therapy. It is difficult for the body to detect naturally produced hormone and bioidentical hormone therapy because they perform the same function in the body.

Evidently one can’t conclude if it is safe or not to use bioidentical hormone therapy but women around the world are continuously searching for the solution to their menopause symptoms and some other problem, and Beverly Hills bioidentical hormone therapy has helped a lot of them. Some women think menopause is a disease and should be treated as such. It is possible for BHT to be safe with no side effect if more research is carried out.


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