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Healthier, Younger, More Beautiful You



Healthier, Younger, More Beautiful You


Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration: Treatment Options For Hair Loss

Most cases of hair loss in men and women are hereditary. However, other factors that cause thinning of hair affect females more than males. Women experience diffuse hair loss more than others, and this disorder can manifest at any age. This condition may upset the sufferer but diagnosis is necessary to ascertain the cause. Experienced medical hair specialists at Beverly Hills hair restoration clinics can provide appropriate treatment for hair loss.

Determining the cause of the disorder can be helpful in resolving the problem. Aside from diet and stress, the following factors can also cause thinning of hair.

Illness: Fungal infection of the scalp such as ringworm can lead to hair loss. Flu, thyroid disease, and severe infection can also have similar effects.

Medications: Radiation or chemotherapy can cause cancer patients to lose hair. Drugs used for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions, high blood pressure, and depression can lead to baldness. Also, birth control pills can lead to hair loss in women. Your hair may thin out if your vitamin A level is abnormally high. A similar result occurs if you have reduced levels of protein or iron.

Childbirth: Changes in women during pregnancy can cause women to lose hair.

Menopausal period: Thinning and reduced hair density, especially at the center of the scalp, occurs at this stage. Hair loss at the frontal hairline is minimal.

At Beverly Hills hair restoration centers, specialists provide adequate treatment to remedy hair loss. After proper diagnosis, a patient may undergo any of the following therapies.


Propecia and Rogaine are approved drugs for the treatment of baldness resulting from heredity. Propecia is a prescription pill for the treatment of male genetic-caused hair loss. Discontinuation of the drug will disrupt its effectiveness. However, it should only be used under the instruction of a physician.

Rogaine (topical solution) can induce hair growth. You can apply the lotion on the part of the scalp that requires hair restoration. Also, application of this cream can reduce hair loss.

Surgical procedures

These methods are suitable for cases of permanent hair loss. These treatment options include hair transplantation and scalp reduction.

Hair replacement

This procedure is also known as grafting or transplantation. It is an ideal treatment option for genetic (pattern) hair loss in men and women. It is also suitable for an individual who lost some hair to scalp injuries or burns. Women with wide-spread hair loss can’t undergo this therapy. It is not appropriate for people with thin hair-bearing portions of the scalp or those with thick fibrous skin tissue.

The procedure involves the transfer of hair-bearing scalp from donor sites to the bald portion. Placement of grafts containing strands of hairs in segments will restore hairs to the affected parts.

Scalp reduction

This method involves the removal of a portion of the bald scalp. Then, the hair-bearing area can be stretched to cover the hairless part. This process is not suitable for restoring hair on the front hairline. Sedation is necessary before both surgical procedures to keep the patient comfortable.

With advanced technology, surgical hair restoration procedures have become seamlessly more efficient. A patient can have a natural look after any of the treatments. Hair specialists at Beverly Hills hair restoration clinic can help you regain hairs on the bald portion of your scalp.


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