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Cool sculpting Dallas

The Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas offers Trusculpt iD treatments and other body contouring services for adult women. Trusculpt iD is a nonsurgical reshaping procedure similar to Cool sculpting applications that target fat cells in flank and stomach areas.

You'll find the best Cool sculpting in Dallas at the Women's Wellness Institute. Fatty cells resistant to diet and exercise regimens require alternative treatment approaches. Some clients with health conditions prefer not taking on the risks associated with surgical body reshaping treatments.

Top Five Benefits of Body Contouring Treatments in Dallas

The Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas proudly presents a comprehensive body contouring service menu, including reshaping and beauty enhancement treatments. Cool sculpting and Trusculpt iD treatments offer several benefits to those seeking flatter stomachs and flanks. Please review the top five benefits of choosing body contouring services in Dallas from the Women's Wellness Institute.

If you have questions, concerns, or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us toll-free at 1-866-738-0971. You can also reach our office by dialing 214-247-6487 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Brady.

  1. Minimal Preparation – Body contouring services require minimal prep times, but clients should consider ideal weight goals to enhance favorable results. Candidates may avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications before seeking Trusculpt iD treatments to reduce bruising and swelling. Dr. Brady will discuss personal prep plans with clients during consultation sessions.
  2. Multiple Treatment Areas – Trusculpt iD and Cool sculpting procedures target several treatment areas, ranging from the stomach to the chin. Other safe treatment areas for body contouring include underneath the buttocks, arms, and along the thighs. Stubborn fat cells typically congregate around the stomach, under the arms, and around the waist, but our cutting edge treatments freezes and destroys uncooperative cells, which the body naturally absorbs.
  3. Moderate Costs – Body reshaping and contouring treatments at the Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas are moderately priced. Our facility maintains the lowest prices than similar service providers without hindering any service quality. Smaller treatment areas cost less to treat than more extensive areas, but multiple treatments also impact the final costs. Our staff will discuss the payment possibilities during your consultation appointment in more detail. You don't need to spend a lot to look your best when you rely on our certified technicians.
  4. Efficient – Body reshaping treatments are surprisingly efficient at removing approximately twenty-six percent of undesirable fat cells in a single session. Each treatment takes roughly fifteen to twenty minutes, but clients may require more than one treatment to achieved ideal results. It may take up to twelve weeks for maximum results, but clients will undeniably notice an instant change. Maintenance treatments promote long-lasting results, but they aren't always needed.
  5. Minimal Recovery Time – Body contouring treatments at the Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas require minimal downtime and limited side effects. Clients may see bruising, swelling, and redness following an application, but these side effects do not last long. While our fat freezing treatments may not be right for everyone, Dr. Brady will review all potential clients' options to help them look their best.
Cool sculpting Dallas

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