Hot flashes and night sweat are the most common menopausal symptom. On average, most women experience hot flashes for 7 years during perimenopause and menopause.

Hot Flashes During Menopause

What Causes Hot Flashes?

While hot flashes aren’t harmful, night sweats can be a warning sign for an underlying hormonal imbalance issue. There are several factors that may cause hot flashes, including hormonal fluctuations and changes in the hypothalamus (the body’s thermostat.) Other factors, such as weight gain, smoking, and ethnicity can also explain why certain groups in the population experience hot flashes more than others.

Managing Your Hot Flashes

  • Stay away from dietary triggers such as caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods.
  • Practice stress reduction techniques such as breathing, yoga, and meditation.
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily routine.
  • Add soy products to your diet. They contain plant-estrogen that may reduce hot flashes.
  • Wear light-weight, looser-fitting clothes to stay comfortable.
  • Stop Smoking.

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