Is Insomnia Common During Menopause?

As you’re journeying through menopause, it may seem like an impossible dream to sleep through the night. Sleep disturbances and insomnia as the result of hot flashes and other issues cause many women to wake up drenched in sweat or leave them tossing and turning through the night. As a result, it’s common for them to feel anxiousness, fatigue, irritability and have issues with concentration the next day. These symptoms don’t have to keep weighing you down, though.

Insomnia During Menopause

Insomnia and Hormones

Because a woman’s life is full of responsibilities, jam-packed schedules, and stress between her 40s and 60s, changes in her sleep could already be compounded by these factors without menopausal challenges coming into play. However, during these stages of a woman’s life, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone influence a woman’s sleep.

While estrogen is primarily thought of as the hormone that controls a woman’s sex drive, it also promotes healthy sleep. Therefore, when it falls, it has an impact on a woman’s sleep. Progesterone works as a “feel good” hormone that helps women experience a sense of calm, relaxation, and facilitate sleep. When a woman enters menopause, her body stops producing progesterone. A woman’s testosterone levels are essential not only for her sex drive but also her ability to sleep soundly through the night. While she’ll continue producing testosterone throughout her life, it’ll experience a decline through menopause.

Solutions: Menopause Symptoms and Insomnia

Hormone therapy with NuFemme Medical is a safe and powerful option that can help you get back control over your body.  Contact a NuFemme medical provider today to learn more about how the benefits of a customized hormone balancing plan that can help you safely and effectively manage insomnia and other menopause-related symptoms. Not only will this safe and effective treatment help women achieve their goals in conjunction with fitness and nutrition but it will do so in a way that’s customized to suit their individual needs.