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Menopause Symptoms – Weight Gain

What Causes Weight Gain During Menopause?

It’s this simple. Women who are going through menopause are experiencing a decline in their estrogen production, and estrogen is responsible for regulating a woman’s weight and metabolism. Therefore, when her estrogen experiences a dip, she could experience weight gain.

While weight gain is common for women throughout her life around her thighs and hips, once she begins menopause, she may experience weight gain around her abdomen and mid-section. Under these circumstances, the fat is building up around the organs and in the abdomen and referred to as visceral fat. Women who have visceral fat could experience dangerous medical conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • Some Cancers
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke 

Solutions for Menopausal Weight Gain

The first recourse for managing menopausal weight gain, even if it’s related to imbalances with estrogen, is staying active and eating well. Maintaining a healthy diet means avoiding foods that are processed, eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily, drinking plenty of water, avoiding soda and alcoholic beverages, and including lean proteins and whole grains.

Women can also introduce bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) as a means of balancing their estrogen levels and maintaining a healthy weight. In conjunction with a healthy exercise routine and meal plan, women can use this hormone therapy as an effective treatment for naturally treating their menopausal weight gain.

Hormone therapy with NuFemme Medical is a safe and powerful option that can help you get back control over your body.  Contact a NuFemme medical provider today to learn more about how the benefits of a customized hormone-balancing plan can help you safely and effectively manage weight gain and other menopause-related symptoms.

In addition, we now provide semaglutide weight loss treatment as another proven strategy to manage weight effectively. Semaglutide is an advanced weight management strategy that has demonstrated excellent success in controlling weight during menopause. This treatment works by controlling appetite and caloric intake to keep a healthier weight without too much struggle or effort on your part. Our dedicated team at NuFemme will be here to guide your exploration and tailor an individualized plan according to your health goals and lifestyle so that we provide effective and specialized care that’s personalized just for you.

Embrace Movement, Enhance Metabolism

Menopausal women often struggle to maintain an appropriate weight as hormonal shifts and new lifestyle habits take effect. Beginning during perimenopause – typically for women 50+ – weight tends to gain around 1.5 pounds every year. Weight management goes beyond simply watching the numbers; it can prevent serious health complications like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. Integrating aerobic exercises and strength training into your routine can be very helpful in reaching weight goals. Combining strength training with moderate physical activities (brisk walking or dancing is ideal) will not only keep weight under control during menopause but will also boost metabolism by building more muscle mass. Aim to get 150 minutes a week of moderate activities such as brisk walking plus strength training to enhance your ability to burn calories quickly – helping manage changes during menopause is much simpler!

Menopause Symptoms – Weight Gain

Diet Smart, Live Healthfully

As we age, our metabolism slows down to remain at our current weight; we may require cutting 200-250 calories daily just to remain on track with menopause weight regulation. Focus on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins which provide essential nutrition without adding extra calories – such as plant-based foods that pack nutritional benefits without increasing caloric intake; try cutting back on red meat consumption as well as sugary treats to maintain weight stability; monitor portion sizes closely as this could make a big, impactful difference on total caloric consumption during menopause as postmenopausal weight management!

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment for Weight Loss

National Library of Medicine research recently provided evidence that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could be particularly helpful to women experiencing weight gain during menopause. Women typically find it challenging to keep their weight stable during this stage and face greater risks from heart complications; using 17beta-oestradiol and medroxyprogesterone acetate combination HRT treatment actually resulted in weight loss of approximately 4.6 pounds over just three months! This evidence proves that HRT may do more than simply maintain weight; instead, it could actually aid in weight loss during menopause!

Enhancing Metabolic Health Through Hormone Therapy

The results of the study mentioned above using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) further demonstrated how it could significantly help increase our bodies’ metabolic processes by hastening fat-burning processes – an integral component of weight management. Scientists employed indirect calorimetry to demonstrate this effect; after starting HRT, fat-burning increased significantly; also, women involved had lower insulin and cholesterol levels after eating sugar, which can mitigate cardiovascular risks – all benefits which put HRT beyond simply weight control; it actually improves our bodies processing energy and heart risks as a treatment option – making HRT an excellent option for women entering menopause who might benefit from treatment of this sort.

Choose NuFemme for Holistic and Personalized Menopause Care

NuFemme stands out as your go-to destination when managing menopausal symptoms such as weight gain. Our nationwide network of medical centers ensures you will always get personalized and compassionate care tailored specifically to you and your unique circumstances. Our team of expert medical professionals is committed to offering you effective therapies such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. At NuFemme, we recognize the individual nature of each woman’s menopausal condition is unique; therefore, our goal is to assist in managing symptoms through customized solutions tailored just for you. By choosing NuFemme, you gain medical care and a partner committed to guiding you toward optimal health during menopause and beyond.

Menopause Symptoms – Weight Gain

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