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Enjoying Intimacy After Childbirth: Common Sexual Concerns for New Mothers

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause significant changes to your body. Some women are able to bounce back from pregnancy, enjoying all the activities they experienced before giving birth without worry or pain. Others need more time and treatment to reclaim their bodies, including enjoying sexual experiences with their partners. If [...]

Why Every 20-Something Should Know More About Their Hormones—and Their Body

“Hormones are like music played in a beautiful but sometimes discordant symphony,” explains New York City–based holistic ob-gyn Eden Fromberg, D.O., likening the different glands in the endocrine system that produce distinct hormones to an array of musicians that create unique sounds in an orchestra, with each having to listen [...]

Hormone Levels Likely Influence A Woman’s Risk Of Alzheimer’s, But How?

There's new evidence that a woman's levels of female sex hormones, including estrogen and progesterone, can influence her risk of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Women are less likely to develop dementia later in life if they begin to menstruate earlier, go through menopause later, and have more than [...]

Up to 7 years of hormone therapy is safe for postmenopausal women

For decades now, women navigating menopause have been buffeted by shifting research findings on the risks and possible benefits of hormone-replacement therapy. Now, a landmark clinical trial that followed more than 27,000 subjects for roughly 18 years has offered some conclusive evidence that neither the hype nor the grim warnings [...]