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Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

FemTouch™ Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Medical Centers *

* Available at select locations. Call to inquire about availability near you.
Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Vaginal Laxity: with aging and after child-birth, the walls of vagina lose their tone and tightness resulting in decreased sensation. FemTouch can enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control.

Vaginal Dryness: FemTouch can increase the vaginal lubrication lost by aging by repairing the vagina with healthy, new tissue. The result is decreased pain and increased satisfaction during intercourse.

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI): SUI is the involuntary leaking of urine in response to cough, sneezing, or increased abdominal pressure. This occurs with aging or after child birth. The FemTouch treatment stimulates collagen production resulting increased support and strength.

External Rejuvenation: FemTouch can also be used to improve the external vulva to reduce sagging and discoloration. The result is a more youthful appearing vulva and vagina.

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FemTouch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation At NuFemme Medical Centers *

* Available at select locations. Call to inquire about availability near you.

Laugh without fear of embarrassment. Love without discomfort. Live without another day wasted, and get back to living your best life. Ladies, it’s time to reclaim your body with NuFemme’s incredible FemTouch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation.

It’s fast. It’s efficient. And it’s unbelievably simple. Our vaginal rejuvenation treatment is a safe, comfortable in-office procedure that only takes a few minutes, and many women like you achieve optimal outcomes in as little as one to three sessions – with no anesthesia required.

Ladies, you’ve heard your friends whispering about laser vaginal rejuvenation, haven’t you? Whether it’s the effects of the post-childbirth years, age creeping into the bedroom or the laughs with a little leakage, postmenopausal and postnatal women are finally taking control of their symptoms – and it’s easier than ever. Here’s how FemTouch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation may help you:

Vaginal Laxity

The walls of the vagina lose their tone and tightness due to aging and childbirth. With NuFemme’s FemTouch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation, you’ll find enhanced vaginal muscle tone, strength and control.

Vaginal Dryness

Age-induced vaginal lubrication loss is a thing of the past. FemTouch repairs the vagina with new, healthy tissue – putting painful intercourse behind you, and giving you increased satisfaction for years to come.

Stress Urinary Incontinence

We’ve all been there. But ladies, we don’t have to be! Stress Urinary Incontinence is the involuntary leaking of urine in response to coughing, sneezing or increased abdominal pressure, often occurring with aging or after childbirth. The FemTouch Vaginal Laser by NuFemme stimulates collagen production, resulting in increased support and strength.

External Rejuvenation

FemTouch’s other uses? It can quickly and painlessly improve the appearance of the vulva and vagina, reducing sagging and discoloration – and giving you a supple youthfulness.


Enhanced Comfort and Confidence

 At NuFemme, we understand that each woman’s journey and needs are unique. That’s why our FemTouch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation treatment is tailored to match your individual health goals and comfort levels. With our state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that each session is not only effective but also minimizes discomfort, allowing you to relax and look forward to the positive changes. Post-treatment, many of our clients report not just physical improvements but also a significant boost in confidence and quality of life.

Holistic Approach to Women’s Wellness

 Beyond the physical aspects, NuFemme’s commitment to women’s health is holistic. We believe in supporting your overall well-being, which is why we offer comprehensive consultations that cover not just treatment details but also lifestyle adjustments, nutritional advice, and exercises that can enhance the effects of your rejuvenation therapy. This approach ensures that the benefits of the FemTouch treatment are comprehensive and long-lasting, empowering you to lead a vibrant, active life.

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Why Choose NuFemme

At NuFemme, we’re not just about providing treatments; we’re about creating lasting relationships and trust. Choosing us means you’re selecting a provider that prioritizes your safety, comfort, and confidentiality. Our team of experts is dedicated to using the latest technology and medical advancements to ensure the best possible outcomes. We’re committed to transparent communication and personalized care plans, designed to meet your specific needs and goals. With NuFemme, you’re choosing a partner who stands with you on your journey to better health and improved well-being.

Vaginal Rejuvenation faq's

FemTouch™ is an advanced laser treatment specifically designed for vaginal rejuvenation. It uses CO2 laser technology to stimulate collagen production in the vaginal and vulvar tissues. This process enhances muscle tone, strength, and control, and can improve issues such as vaginal laxity, dryness, and urinary incontinence. The treatment is quick, minimally invasive, and requires no anesthesia, making it a preferred choice for those seeking effective solutions with minimal downtime.

FemTouch™ addresses vaginal dryness by promoting the regeneration of healthy, new tissue in the vaginal walls. This not only increases natural lubrication but also enhances the overall tissue quality, reducing discomfort during intercourse and increasing sexual satisfaction. The treatment effectively repairs and revitalizes the vaginal area, offering long-term improvements for postmenopausal and postnatal women.

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is often a concern for women post-childbirth or during menopause. FemTouch™ helps alleviate SUI by stimulating collagen production in the vaginal walls, thereby increasing the support and strength of the tissues around the bladder and urethra. This enhanced support helps prevent involuntary leakage of urine during activities that increase abdominal pressure, such as coughing, sneezing, or laughing.

Yes, FemTouch™ also offers benefits for the external vulvar area. The treatment can reduce sagging and discoloration, leading to a more youthful appearance of the vulva. It’s a safe and effective option for women seeking not only internal rejuvenation but also aesthetic improvements to the external vaginal tissues.

Each FemTouch™ session is quick, typically lasting only a few minutes, and is performed in a comfortable setting. Most women report minimal to no discomfort during the procedure. After the treatment, you can usually return to your normal activities immediately, with no downtime required. Optimal outcomes are generally achieved in one to three sessions, depending on individual needs. After the treatment, many women experience immediate improvements, with full results developing over the following weeks as the body’s natural collagen production increases.