Why is it so difficult for me to lose weight? And keep it off?

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to weight loss.  Many factors play a role when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds that prevent you from obtaining your ideal shape and optimum health.

Our environment, food choices, stress, daily routine, and activity, as well as medical conditions are just a few things that play critical roles in the quest to better health.  However, most important is hormone balance.  When you factor all these things into the weight loss, “ equation”, it’s no wonder it’s so difficult.


The NuFemme Experience

At NuFemme Rejuvenation Clinic, our staff is specially trained in medical weight loss for women. For your initial consultation, plan to spend at least 1-2 hours with us for a thorough medical evaluation to create your individualized weight loss plan.  To successfully change your weight, we need to get to know you and spend time assessing your individual needs and goals.  We will assess your activity level, current dietary habits, medical issues, and social habits.  At your very first visit, your blood work will be tested in our office and resulted that same visit to ensure optimal hormone levels.  Our plans are designed to produce immediate and lifelong results. No matter your age or medical condition we will guide you through your own medical weight loss programs to long-term lifestyle changes and results, not just a diet!

At NuFemme many of our patients:

  • Lose fat not muscle*
  • Lose inches overall as well as off your waistline and hips*
  • Improve their physique with more tone and definition*
  • Improve their energy and metabolism*
  • Improve their overall well-being and health*

The NuFemme Advantage and Plan

Hormone Balance is Key. Hormones are the biological messengers that tell our bodies how to function on a daily basis.  Hormones tell our bodies to burn or store fat, build or lose muscle, repair or ignore other tissues, in addition to a myriad of other processes.  If the hormones which direct your thyroid, ovaries, liver, brain, kidneys, as well as many other body systems are out of sync, you will never reach your optimum weight.  Many women lose weight, only to gain it back because of hormone imbalance. Our medical practice is unique because, unlike all other weight loss programs and clinics, we address the CAUSE of your inability to maintain a healthy weight and body composition, namely hormone imbalance.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food intolerances may be part of the reason you’re overeating, putting on unwanted pounds, and finding it so hard to lose weight.  Your immune system may be “over activating” due to food sensitivities which can trigger chronic inflammation.  To make matters worse, food intolerances can lead to psychological issues such as depression and anxiety adding to the hardships of weight loss.  At NuFemme Rejuvenation Clinic we will assess your specific food intolerances by performing a simple blood test which will evaluate 200 food items as well as 20 food additives/colorings.

Customized Meal Plans

Understanding your bodies needs when it comes to food is just the first step.  The test results will allow us to create a custom menu and recipes for you to prepare foods at home.  We will identify your “safe” foods and use this information to create a detailed personalized lifestyle eating plan for you which will ensure you only eat those foods that are safe for you.  Also included in the program is a consultation with our clinical nutritionist.

Weight Loss Catalysts and Appetite Suppressants

In most instances, your body will require a catalyst that will allow you to maximize your results.  HCG is a non-essential naturally produced hormone. When utilized properly in a weight loss program it has been shown to have a dramatic increase in the amount of weight lost compared to a standard diet and exercise program.  In addition, we will include our prescription based appetite suppressants.  The patented ingredients in our appetite suppressant performs two essential functions; It increases the body’s mobility of fat while increasing the metabolic rate. The prescription based appetite suppressants then greatly reduce appetite to ensure patients have control and motivation. Providers will calculate the precise RX for you that will help to maximize your weight loss program.

Vitamin and Fat Burning Injections

While limiting your calorie intake you will find that your body will also be missing the much-needed vitamins and minerals that it needs to maintain a healthy body.  NuFemme will make sure you have the key supplements that will be needed to ensure optimal nutrition and for that reason our proprietary blend of vitamins and fat burning compound Injections will be used as a key supplement. Our proprietary blend of vitamins and fat burning compound injection contains a unique combination of short and long lasting B-12 as well as a Vitamin B-Complex (B-5 & B-6) and four lipotropic ingredients.

Continued Support

On the first day of your program, we will document all of your current weight and measurements as well as document you with before photos.  We will give you all of the proper tools to document your daily activities and meals. On a weekly basis, you will need to come in and as part of this visit we will review your logs and document your weight loss progress.

If you’re looking for the best medical evaluation, treatments, and individualized weight loss plan, NuFemme Rejuvenation Clinic can help.

We treat women of all ages with the most innovative medical weight loss techniques available and offer packages if you would benefit from our many wellness services.  Call NuFemme Rejuvenation Clinic today.  The only thing you have to lose is the weight!



*Results will vary for each patient depending on the patient’s medical history and level of compliance with our program.