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5on Google,Oct 21, 2020


The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly takes the time to Explain the benefits of each procedure. Facility is extremely clean.

5on BirdEye,Oct 15, 2020


NuFemme has been a great experience. I am feeling better, and have more energy.

5on BirdEye,Oct 14, 2020


The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

5on BirdEye,Sep 30, 2020


I had a complete hysterectomy at age 34 and have been living a hormone nightmare every since. Finding NuFemme has been such a blessing in giving me hope. Their knowledge and professionalism along with a plan for my treatment has made me very comfortable with choosing them!

5on Google,Sep 30, 2020


Kind and friendly staff who genuinely care about you.

5on Google,Sep 20, 2020


After struggling with hot flashes and weight gain and all the related issues, I was giving up on finding a healthy way to get things under control. My consultation gave me hope and a solid plan to get my health back in order. The professionals in the clinic have years of experience treating hormone issues and gave me more information than my regular MD had access to. This is a godsend to me.

5on Google,Aug 06, 2020


After my first hot flash I found this clinic. Thank God, you don’t have to live with the flashes and night sweats if you don’t want to. After my first pellet therapy session with Michelle they were gone immediately. The staff here are so friendly and help to make you feel at ease. Michelle is so awesome and knowledgeable she just really seems to enjoy what she does and how her patients feel. Daryl is the best at blood draws he keeps you smiling.

5on Google,Jul 05, 2020


Great staff! Got me and my horemones back on track!

5on Google,Jun 30, 2020


So far, my experience with this clinic has been terrific! The appointments have been right on time, the customer service--upon arriving--have been kind and made me feel welcomed all the way through the services received. The nurse and doctor were extremely professional, explained each step of the process in simple terms that anyone could comprehend and were very patient. The time in and out was estimated exactly as they had discussed with me prior to my arrival. I would highly recommend them and certainly will return!

5on Google,Jun 27, 2020


The NuFemme staff And doctor are incredibly friendly, helpful and informative. I wasn’t sure what to do anymore nothing seemed to work for me! I was constantly exhausted, I didn’t feel good and I continued to gain weight. I made an appointment to see if my hormones being out of balance could be the problem and the right treatment option. I have to say it’s been about a year now and my hormones are finally staying balanced, I tried the weight loss treatment to jump start more loss and even get weekly B-12 injections! I sleep better, I feel healthier, energized and have been able to lose weight steadily! Thanks NuFemme!

0on Facebook,Jun 02, 2020

Julie Woyak

Finally! Someone cares about my hormones and has a safe way to help. I've been feeling so much better. Like my old self. I can think and engage with people and the "blahs" are gone, energy is back.

5on BirdEye,Feb 07, 2020


I just started my hormone therapy today and am so excited to feel myself again. NuFemme is so welcoming and such a friendly atmosphere, i would highly reccomend checking this place out, im so glad i FINALLY made this appointment!

5on Google,Jan 13, 2020


The friendly team at Nufemme has helped me feel my best for the past year. I was having problems with PVCs (heart palpitations) and had been seeing a cardiologist and had several tests run. They put me on a prescription medication that made me feel horrible on a daily basis. I looked into hormone replacement therapy and had my hormone levels run at Nu Femme. Michelle got everything straightened around and balanced out and I was able to get off the prescription medication for my heart and I no longer have heart palpitations. If you are looking to feel better and have more energy I would highly recommend Nufemme Rejuvenation clinic!

5on Google,Dec 06, 2019


Excellent clinic! They were able to diagnose and treat hormonal imbalances that my primary care providers could not. I feel like my self again. Thank you Nufemme.

5on Google,Dec 04, 2019


This place is amazing and the pellet injections are working just as they should. I have noticed better sleep, less hot flashes and higher labido than I have ever had. The b-12 injections make me feel so much healthier. The staff here are super nice and I appreciate all they do for me. Thanks Nufemme

5on Google,Nov 21, 2019


I started going to Nufemme this past summer when I felt a loss of energy and have really loved my experience there! The staff is amazing and helpful and I feel so much better physically! I would highly recommend this place!!

5on Google,Nov 13, 2019


Everyone is very professional. The Lopo complex has helped the texture and thickness of my hair. Plus it’s a lot shinier.

5on Google,Nov 06, 2019


Started my hormone replacement today, and can’t wait to start feeling like the old me! Everyone was so personable and helpful with all of my questions. I can’t believe I waited this long. Should have done it a long time ago.

5on Google,Sep 03, 2019


Dr. Michelle is absolutely wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained treatment plan options that best fit my needs. Highly recommend!

5on BirdEye,Sep 03, 2019


Dr. Michelle is absolutely wonderful! She has been patient and understanding throughout experience at NuFemme. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what treatment options may be the best fit. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Michelle at NuFemme if ever considering treatment.

5on BirdEye,Jul 25, 2019


Dr. Michelle is absolutely wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained treatment plan options that best fit my needs.

5on Google,Jul 02, 2019


Very friendly and explains all measurements and procedures thoroughly. Feeling much better than when i first walked in their door. Thanks!!

5on Google,Jun 04, 2019


I am glad I found this place they are working hard to get my hormones in balance. I was a hot mess before I came here

5on Google,May 29, 2019

Crystal Baker - Everything Camouflage and

Nufemme Omaha - I cannot give you enough stars! Michelle is beyond just a provider, she is simply amazing! So after multiple appointments with my OB/GYN and my GP I was super frustrated. We had done a ton of blood work up and gone over my symptoms (tired, gaining weight, hair loss, excessive dry skin... the list goes on...) and every time the lab would call back normal. But I wasn't feeling normal. Going into Nufemme was totally different experience. They did run a lot of the same tests I had already had done, but they ran additional ones and explained everything to me. Connected the dots and the symptoms and explained risks/benefits. I felt not only listened to but that they were invested in my outcome. I have been so happy with my results and level of care that I have received that there are not enough stars.