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5on Google,Mar 12, 2018


Michelle and the staff are friendly and professional. I had been told by several doctors to just eat right and exercise. "it couldn't be my thyroid or hormones. After months with Nu Femme, I feel better, look better and feel more luke myself. I did not come to Nufemme for weight control, but have consistently lost weight since beginning this journey.

5on Google,Dec 01, 2017


At 35 something was not right. I gained 30lbs in 2 months after quitting smoking and going off the pill. My body was swelling. My brain was in a fog and I was constantly tired. I had seen a dr who told me I was overweight and told me to eat less and exercise more. I was eating less and I finally was exercising but nothing was changing. I felt horrible. The worst I had ever felt when I should have felt healthy since I no longer smoked. I started to think, this was just what life was going to be: overweight, foggy, tired, and tingly/creeply crawly feeling. Enter NUFEMME! WOW! After seeing them for only 3 months so far, I feel fabulous and better than I have in years. I'm so thankful I saw the billboard and gave them a call. The ladies in the office are wonderful and Michelle is like a good friend. It sounds cheesy I know, but when you feel crappy and someone is finally able to help you, youd be saying the same things too. I cant wait to see the effects as the year goes on.

5on Google,Nov 16, 2017


Great experience with NuFemme! Staff took time to explain options to maximize my results and like that I could get started right away.

5on Google,Nov 16, 2017


Super excited about my weight loss journey with Nufemme Omaha!! 40 days on the program and I have already lost 32 pounds. Michelle and her staff are so nice and knowledgable makes losing weight an enjoyable experience.

5on Google,Nov 07, 2017


Michelle and staff are very attentive and willing to help. Michelle gets to know you as a person and treats you to what your body needs. She is very approachable with all questions. Looking forward to continuing my therapy and seeing results :).

5on Facebook,Oct 28, 2017

Kim R

Exceptional knowledge , extreme care and 5 star service. Dr. Christopher Asandra's is truly a Super Doc ♥️🙌🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

5on Google,Oct 13, 2017


After being on NuFemme hormone therapy for about twelve weeks I have more energy, more self worth, and better sleep. Michelle and her staff are very pleasant to work with and are able to answer my questions and concerns. Thank you again for all you have done for me.

5on Google,Oct 04, 2017


I have lost nearly 60lbs in 3 months with the help of HCG, hormone therapy, and Lipo-B injections. The Nufemme team is spectacular! For the first time in my life, I am seeing real results on my weight loss journey!

5on Google,Oct 02, 2017


Michelle at NuFemme is helping me feel better and better each day. I sleep better, feel more energy and have completely eliminated my feeling tired all day long. The staff is very friendly and tentative to my needs and able to answer my questions and concerns. They provide an extensive list of procedures to help with whatever issues you may be dealing with.

5on Google,Sep 29, 2017


NuFemme has been a breath of fresh air! At only 41 years old, I had been having symptoms of menopause including weight gain (despite eating right and exercising), hot flashes, night sweats and a general feeling of fogginess. After 1 pellet injection, the hot flashes and night sweats disappeared and the mental fog has gradually lifted! The weight gain continues to be a work in progress, but I am just 3 months in. I feel like Michelle is working with me and really giving good suggestions to help me feel my best. I also feel as though sleep has improved in quality of well rested sleep! If you are considering a consultation, don't hesitate..it is really worth it!

5on Facebook,Sep 22, 2017

Maureen Reid

I highly recommend the clinic. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they were able to pinpoint my exact problem easily. I haven't felt this good in years and I am so thankful to finally have answers.

5on Google,Aug 24, 2017


Excellent, knowlegable, caring staff. These people recognize that women need support, answers and treatments that are beyond those found in a 10 minute traditional medical setting. Thank you

5on Google,Aug 23, 2017


NuFemme has helped me to lose over 45 lbs and be able to keep it off!

5on Google,Jul 28, 2017


My life has been totally transformed by NuFemme. Michele has turned me into a new woman !! With their expertise, advice and services offered (and I've only tried a couple so far) you find new meaning to your life! I have gone from a post menopausal (in my 50s) woman whom for the past few years has gained a lot of weight (even while trying to lose), been in a fog, irritable, down, non-sexual, no longer fun to be around, unhappy person (never like me before), to a vibrant, thinner, very happy, healthy, energetic, loving life kind of new gal. My hormones were all out of whack and no one I went to seemed to understand or try to figure out how they could help me. Plus, I have found other friends with the same symptoms who just settle for a sad life because they have no idea that they don't have to at all. The second I came here, i was so excited to hear them tell me exactly how they could help me get back on track and have such better life !! Believe me, it hardly takes any effort either!! I have done the BHRT first, with absolutely fabulous results, and now just finished the short weight loss program...wow-that kicked in more great results of lots of inches and more weight gone too!! AND they truly understand and are not intimidating to discuss ALL women's issues with. Blake, in the clinic too, is a gem who ALSO truly cares and delivers personal attention and great advice all of the time. They all remember you and treat you just like a good friend right away. I could go on and on-I cannot say enough good things about this clinic that has absolutely changed my life for the better. Thank you NuFemme!! Nancy, 56, from Lincoln, NE :)

5on Google,Jul 27, 2017


What a great team of guys and gals! Extremely professional, fun, friendly, & knowledgeable. If you want to feel better & get your life back, give them a call. They will equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision. I can't say enough about the staff and the program at Nufemme Omaha!

5on Google,Mar 08, 2017


Wonderful place, wonderful people. Helped me so much with my symptoms and would recommend to all!!

5on Google,Feb 07, 2017


I made an appointment to go in and get my hormones checked thanks to the advice of a friend. I hadn't been feeling like myself for a long time, months, maybe even a year. To back up, my doctor, whom I have been a patient of for over 15 years, put me on a birth control pill instead of checking my levels, even after I specifically asked for that. This actually made me feel worse. After gaining 20 pounds in 11 months, I took myself off the pill, and called NuFemme. My headaches were so bad I could barely open my eyes let alone get anything done. I just felt horrible, my mind was foggy, I had zero energy, cranky all the time... My first appointment at NuFemme gave me hope. Everyone listened. And everyone had seen all of these symptoms on others, but since all bodies are different, the plan of attack for me, was specially made FOR ME. My levels were trash. I am 45, pretty healthy and active, and my levels were that of a woman much, much older. It was pretty shocking. Scary actually. So now, 6 weeks after my first appointment, I can say there is definitely improvement. My levels have all increased, my headaches are long gone, and I'm looking forward to getting better every day. The staff and doctors are amazing. Aside from their knowledge, care, demeanor, and own personal stories, they make sure that you understand why you feel the way you do and what they can do to help. I never once felt overwhelmed. If you aren't feeling "right", trust your gut and make an appointment. I'm currently going through their Bio Identical Hormone Therapy. I did a lot of research on this myself before calling, so I knew the right questions to ask. I'm glad I didn't let another month, or year, go by.

5on Facebook,Feb 07, 2017

Kristen Cooper

It's been only 4 weeks since my first visit and BHRT implants and I feel remarkable! My workouts are no longer challenging, my temperament is even, I'm leaner and stronger and I'm no longer too exhausted to keep my husband happy! � This is the real deal, and it all makes complete sense after you understand how your hormones should work for you instead of against you! And the Wauwatosa staff rocks! Thank you!

5on Google,Jan 16, 2017


NuFemme and their staff are miracle workers! My body is rejuvenating after 25 years of menopause! I didn't know it was possible! Thank you!

5on Google,Dec 01, 2016


Hello all! I absolutely LOVED this place and definitely see myself using them again in the near future. I went in feeling drained and w/no pep at all. Not like it was when I was younger. W/the BHRT treatment. I now have my energy back! I do things again! And most of all I feel better, so much better in my head as well as my body. W/the weight loss treatment! I am back on track w/eating healthy and having fun doing it! If you are having any thoughts of should I or should I? I am here to tell you YOU SHOULD! You will not regret it. I also want to give a shot out to all the staff! They are most accommodating and wonderful and I hasten to add Fresh! Get your feel good back! And this is the place that will help you do it! I am very happy!