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5on Google,Oct 07, 2021


I’ve never felt so safe and comfortable around a doctor before.

5on Google,Oct 03, 2021


very professional and trustful.

5on Google,Sep 28, 2021


I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results!

5on Google,Sep 24, 2021


I went to different doctors for consultation but I was able to make me feel comfortable even during first consultation.

5on Google,Sep 23, 2021


Amazing staff and quick results! I feel so much better already! Lipo B injections are amazing! Seeing media results with that partnered with my low calorie diet! I’m not sure where I’d be if I hadn’t made the decision to see you ! You have a forever customer!

5on Google,Sep 09, 2021


The staff is very friendly and informative. I would highly recommend them!

5on Google,Jun 29, 2021


I've been going to NuFemme for a year now for hormonal therapy treatments. The practitioners, Michelle and John, truly care about patient satisfaction. The staff are always helpful and friendly. I would recommend NuFemme and NuMale for hormone therapy and other procedures offered by their clinic.

5on Google,Jun 03, 2021


Michelle was fantastic and explained everything in detail. She made a plan and we attacked it head on. Ray helped with the financial aspect and was extremely courteous and respectful of my situation. Off to a better me! Thank you Nufemme Team!

5on BirdEye,Apr 30, 2021


Very thankful for helping me feel normal again! I am leaner, have more energy and a sense of overall wellbeing. The Dr.'s and staff explain your hormone level results and help you understand what will get you back to where you want to be. It is 100% worth feeling good about yourself again.

5on Google,Apr 28, 2021


I love how helpful and friendly everyone is and they really do want to make sure that you feel your best. Thank you!

5on Google,Apr 12, 2021


All the staff at NuFemme are not only friendly they are personable. They make you feel warmed and welcomed as soon as you walk through the door. Michelle takes her time with you and explains everything to you in a way you can understand.

5on Google,Mar 31, 2021


Loving life with less migraines, hot flashes, night sweats and feeling like myself again. Stick with their process and it will work.

5on Google,Mar 30, 2021


Loving life with less migraines, hot flashes, night sweats and feeling like myself again. Stick with their process and it will work.

5on BirdEye,Dec 31, 2020


Nufemme has helped me so much! My family says they can live with me again. I have more energy, and I'm so much happier. I feel like the old me!

4on BirdEye,Nov 30, 2020


The staff was very professional, courteous and confidential. The Doctor and staff listened to my medical issues and have been treating me accordingly. I am feeling like myself again. My quality of life has also improved. Thank you for helping me through thos journey.

5on Google,Oct 21, 2020


The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly takes the time to Explain the benefits of each procedure. Facility is extremely clean.

5on BirdEye,Oct 15, 2020


NuFemme has been a great experience. I am feeling better, and have more energy.

5on BirdEye,Oct 14, 2020


The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

5on BirdEye,Sep 30, 2020


I had a complete hysterectomy at age 34 and have been living a hormone nightmare every since. Finding NuFemme has been such a blessing in giving me hope. Their knowledge and professionalism along with a plan for my treatment has made me very comfortable with choosing them!

5on Google,Sep 30, 2020


Kind and friendly staff who genuinely care about you.

5on Google,Sep 20, 2020


After struggling with hot flashes and weight gain and all the related issues, I was giving up on finding a healthy way to get things under control. My consultation gave me hope and a solid plan to get my health back in order. The professionals in the clinic have years of experience treating hormone issues and gave me more information than my regular MD had access to. This is a godsend to me.

5on Google,Aug 06, 2020


After my first hot flash I found this clinic. Thank God, you don’t have to live with the flashes and night sweats if you don’t want to. After my first pellet therapy session with Michelle they were gone immediately. The staff here are so friendly and help to make you feel at ease. Michelle is so awesome and knowledgeable she just really seems to enjoy what she does and how her patients feel. Daryl is the best at blood draws he keeps you smiling.

5on Google,Jul 05, 2020


Great staff! Got me and my horemones back on track!