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5on Google,Jul 02, 2019


Very friendly and explains all measurements and procedures thoroughly. Feeling much better than when i first walked in their door. Thanks!!

5on Google,Jun 04, 2019


I am glad I found this place they are working hard to get my hormones in balance. I was a hot mess before I came here

5on Google,May 29, 2019

Crystal Baker - Everything Camouflage and

Nufemme Omaha - I cannot give you enough stars! Michelle is beyond just a provider, she is simply amazing! So after multiple appointments with my OB/GYN and my GP I was super frustrated. We had done a ton of blood work up and gone over my symptoms (tired, gaining weight, hair loss, excessive dry skin... the list goes on...) and every time the lab would call back normal. But I wasn't feeling normal. Going into Nufemme was totally different experience. They did run a lot of the same tests I had already had done, but they ran additional ones and explained everything to me. Connected the dots and the symptoms and explained risks/benefits. I felt not only listened to but that they were invested in my outcome. I have been so happy with my results and level of care that I have received that there are not enough stars.

5on Google,Apr 30, 2019


Conscientious team concerned about my total healthcare. Michelle is always concerned about she can help me feel my best.

5on BirdEye,Apr 23, 2019


The staff is overwhelmingly nice and helpful. Dr.North is so caring and explains everything to a tee! Since starting at NeFemme, I have been off my anxiety medication and have so much more focus!

5on Google,Apr 16, 2019


Nefemme has been a lifesaver! Michelle North is one of the most caring physicians I’ve ever met! She listens to me and cares about my symptoms and is always trying to keep me feeling well. Her staff is wonderful and is always helpful when I have questions. I highly recommend Nefemme to anyone, I trust them with my health!

4on BirdEye,Mar 30, 2019


I highly recommend NuFemme for anyone experiencing signs of hormone imbalance. Within two weeks of Dr. Michelle placing the recommended pellets, I felt like a new person. I regained energy, my memory and retention of information increased and hot flashes were gone. I look forward to my treatment and to continue to feel my best each day.

5on Google,Sep 28, 2018


I started with NuFemme a year ago and have had such amazing results. I have more energy, lost weight, sleep better and all around feel like a new person. The staff is always friendly and flexible with my schedule. They even put up with my fear of needles. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else on my health journey.

5on Google,Sep 28, 2018


I started with NuFemme a year ago and have had such amazing results. I have more energy, lost weight, sleep better and all around feel like a new person. The staff is always friendly and flexible with my schedule. They even put up with my fear of needles. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else on my health journey.

5on BirdEye,Sep 14, 2018


Staff is very friendly and helpful. They have changed my life.

4on Google,Aug 24, 2018


My Night sweats are gone and so are my hot flashes. My energy level is up and so is my libido! Everyone here at Nu Femme is so friendly and easy to work with!

5on Google,Aug 23, 2018


At Nufemme Omaha the staff and Doctor are friendly and always make me comfortable and at ease with every appointment. I have had great success with my treatments. I have increased energy, sex drive, and all around feel better with more energy!

5on Google,Jul 11, 2018


Fantastic place!!!

5on Google,Jun 29, 2018


Well worth your time & money to get your life back! Wish I would have went in sooner 😊

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


Becoming a patient at NuFemme Rejuvenation Clinic is the best decision I have ever made! I am 61 and have been struggling for years with hypothyroidism, weight management, and menopause symptoms. I have only been on the recommended therapies for about 4 months, but I started feeling better right away. Everything that I was unhappy about has been eliminated! I have not felt this fantastic in years! I did not know what to expect at first, but I am amazed at my overall sense of health, happiness and well-being! The staff is wonderful and supportive! I would give you more than 5 stars if I could! Thank you for guiding me through this path of "Rejuvenation"! It is truly like a miracle!

5on Google,Jun 07, 2018


I had a very positive experience with all the staff and treatments. Michelle met me where I was in my journey and together we came up with a BHT unique and tailored therapy plan that was best for my body and ensured positive results. I feel awesome!

5on Google,May 23, 2018


This has been a great find for me! Bio identical is the way to go. I had a total hystectomy 3 years ago and struggled with menopausal symptoms that really weren’t getting better with synthetic hormones. BHRT has finally made a difference. I’ve also utilized FemTouch and O shot with great results.

5on Google,May 15, 2018


I had the PRP Procedure done when my hair kept thinning after chemo for a year. The entire staff are wonderful caring and very professional. Not once did I have a bad blood draw which is amazing for me with my veins! Michele who does the PRP is the sweetest person. She made sure I was as comfortable as possible all 3 treatments. I felt well cared for. I will miss seeing her!

5on BirdEye,May 14, 2018


I have loved coming to the NuFemme here in Omaha. Michele has been very personable and helpful. I love that I can look at my chart and have it all explained to me so that I can understand what my body needs. I have felt an amazing change and knowing all my hormones are where they should be is a great comfort to me! I would highly recommend them for everyone!

5on Google,Mar 12, 2018


Michelle and the staff are friendly and professional. I had been told by several doctors to just eat right and exercise. "it couldn't be my thyroid or hormones. After months with Nu Femme, I feel better, look better and feel more luke myself. I did not come to Nufemme for weight control, but have consistently lost weight since beginning this journey.

5on Google,Dec 01, 2017


At 35 something was not right. I gained 30lbs in 2 months after quitting smoking and going off the pill. My body was swelling. My brain was in a fog and I was constantly tired. I had seen a dr who told me I was overweight and told me to eat less and exercise more. I was eating less and I finally was exercising but nothing was changing. I felt horrible. The worst I had ever felt when I should have felt healthy since I no longer smoked. I started to think, this was just what life was going to be: overweight, foggy, tired, and tingly/creeply crawly feeling. Enter NUFEMME! WOW! After seeing them for only 3 months so far, I feel fabulous and better than I have in years. I'm so thankful I saw the billboard and gave them a call. The ladies in the office are wonderful and Michelle is like a good friend. It sounds cheesy I know, but when you feel crappy and someone is finally able to help you, youd be saying the same things too. I cant wait to see the effects as the year goes on.

5on Google,Nov 16, 2017


Great experience with NuFemme! Staff took time to explain options to maximize my results and like that I could get started right away.

5on Google,Nov 16, 2017


Super excited about my weight loss journey with Nufemme Omaha!! 40 days on the program and I have already lost 32 pounds. Michelle and her staff are so nice and knowledgable makes losing weight an enjoyable experience.